21 Valentine's Day Ideas to Remember

21 Valentine's Day Ideas to Remember

It's that time of year again when love is in the air. Valentine's Day is a joyous celebration of love and togetherness for some. For others, it can be a source of stress or anxiety. No matter which group you fall into, we've got you covered. This blog post contains all sorts of fun and creative ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day, whatever your heart desires! So read on and get inspired. Happy Valentine's Day!

The best way to spend time with your partner is by doing something to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Try booking a couples massage, giving each other gifts like bath bombs or the incents waterfall (which I assure you will be used), going out for dinner without phones allowed, so there are no distractions from work/ stress, etc., spending hours just sitting close together watching movies while holding hands through pillow-talk! These moments don't cost much, but you'll treasure them for years to come. (This post contains affiliate links.) Here are 21 ways you can spend time together on Valentine's Day:


  1. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant
  2. Get a couples massage
  3. Give gifts that foster relaxation like bath bombs or the inscents waterfall
  4.  Spend time together - no phones, no TV, just talking and enjoying each others company
  5. Go for a romantic walk around your neighborhood or in a nearby park
  6.  Plan a special evening together - cook dinner, light candles, put on some soft music.
  7. Go for a hike.
  8. Bake cookies together. 
  9. Have a bubble bath for two. 
  10. Paint together-follow Bob Ross on YouTube. 
  11. Go camping indoors.
  12. Make sushi together.
  13. Go for a drive. 
  14. Work out at the gym together. 
  15. Order takeout and a movie. 
  16. Go ice skating. 
  17. Go to a drive-in movie. 
  18. Go to a museum. 
  19. Plant bonsai trees together. 
  20. Host a Zoom trivia party for couples.
  21. Host a wine and book exchange.  

All of these little things can add up to a happier and more relaxed relationship. By taking the time to focus on your partner's well-being, you are also investing in your own happiness. What have you done lately to make your partner feel comfortable and loved?

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