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Why Millions Keep Raving About Inscents Waterfall’s Natural Stress Relieving Effects

Because We Only Use Scents That Are Backed By Science and Proven to Relieve Stress and Heal The Body

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  • Clay Gardner

    "Soothing and Relaxing

    I have trouble with racing thoughts and anxiety. Using this Waterfall incense burner has helped me find a place of calm and relaxation no matter how crazy the world is around me. I set this going as soon as I get home from work and keep it going all the way to when I go to bed. This is a tool in my tool belt to help combat anxiety and lower my stress."

  • Kurt Hansen

    "Sleep Better Then Ever

    This took my sleping to the next level. I don’t wake up as often during the night and I’m able to stay asleep longer. I always look for sleep aids like this one and test them before reviewing. I used this for a while now and it has for sure improved my sleep. I recommend to anyone who needs help falling asleep and staying asleep the whole night. Great product."

  • Melissa Cummings

    "Very Zen

    I’ve gotten into things to help me stay calm. My work life is very stressful and hectic and I have this in my office. When I need extra calming environment, I use this. Since it’s flameless, I can use it in my office. Ask before you take it into work, but my boss okayed it. It helps me destress after meetings or get into focus when leading up to a meeting with an important client. – Levi Romero Gorgeous Statement Piece – This is beyond beautiful.

  • Lamar Richards

    "Smells So Good!

    My wife and I love candles. Anything that makes our house smell like a palace, basically. We decided to give this a try and see how it worked. We waited initially for a little bit to get the scent but after a while it filled the entire room where we placed it. We like this more than candles now thanks to no open flame. We keep this going throughout the day and our house is filled with beautiful scents."