3 Steps to Stop Worrying

3 Steps to Stop Worrying

You're overthinking. Your mind is like a hamster wheel, and it won't stop. What do you do? 

We've all been there. Anxiety. It's no fun. Millions of Americans live with anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of fear or dread that includes nervousness or restlessness. Other symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Rapid breathing
  • Trembling
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Mentally fixating on the worry
  • A sense of impending doom

The most challenging symptom of anxiety can be overwhelming worry that won't stop. Here are some things you can do to get a handle on worry:

First, identify the source of your worry. Ask yourself how realistic your worry is. Get out a piece of paper and journal about your worry if you need to. 

Write down how you feel in your body when you think about it. Really journal all of your thoughts around this concern.

The next step is to challenge your negative thinking. How likely is this worry to happen? If it did happen, how would you handle it? How have you handled it before? 

The key is to realize that it's very likely you're catastrophizing in your head, and if you think it through you'll know it's manageable. 

Next, try to find healthy coping skills to manage your stress. Consider turning to a familiar hobby to relax. Even a simple hot bath or shower can help you relax tense muscles and unwind. 

YouTube is full of guided meditations to try, and 20 minutes of exercise goes a long way toward releasing positive, relaxing endorphins. 

You might think about putting together a coping skills bag. Fill your bag with activities that help you destress. Put items like a stress ball, gum, crossword puzzles, fidget spinner, and other items in your bag, so you have a quick solution during times of worry. 

Many seek alternatives to medication in hopes of a more natural, non-toxic approach. These coping skills can help you calm your anxiety and worry naturally.

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Remember that feeling of anxiety will pass. These feelings are totally normal. Do your best to use the coping skills you have access to, and your distress tolerance will grow over time. Give yourself credit; you're doing your best! Progress, not perfection. 


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